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We, XPress, are the best online casino agent focusing solely on the popular slot game, 918Kiss in Malaysia (MY) and Singapore (SG). Cashouts are guaranteed to all winning players in the fastest and most efficient way by our 24/7 team. Honest and efficient are our team motto.

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All the 918Kiss direct download links below, which have been verified by us, are original and free from virus & malware.

918Kiss Android APK Download

Download for Android

918Kiss Android Installation Guide

A prompt with message "For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source." will be shown during the installation, kindly perform these one-time steps to complete the installation: Settings -> Allow from this source -> Install

918Kiss iOS IPA Download

64-bit download for iPhone 5s+

32-bit download for iPhone 5 and below

918Kiss iOS Installation Guide

Kindly perform these one-time steps before starting 918Kiss on iPhone: Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Beijing Information Security Alliance -> Trust Beijing Information Security Alliance -> Trust

Our Bonuses

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Our Features

Attractive bonuses
  • Sign up bonus / free credits without the obligation to deposit upon signing up (Take this as our complimentary free bet for new player)
  • Unlimited cash rebate bonus
  • Unlimited referral bonus
  • Unlimited daily withdrawal
  • High percentage cash rebate bonus for limited time (eg. 30% on Raya/Christmas/CNY)

* all bonuses come with no wagering requirement, cash out whenever you want.

User friendly web wallet
  • Streamlined transaction process, implying fast deposit and withdrawal
  • Seamless and hassle-free game start process, no manual input of login credential is required

918Kiss FAQ

What is 918Kiss?
918Kiss is a famous and high-quality mobile online casino originated from Malaysia, which is gaining its popularity in other SEA countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei over years with more than 500,000 daily active players. The reason it is so popular is because, 918Kiss a.k.a SCR888 transformed the famous arcade game from the beginning of 21st century onto mobile platform which increased the targeted players significantly in the midst of the mobile revolution.
How to start playing 918Kiss?
By choosing a trustworthy 918Kiss agent like us, registering an account, and installing the game client, you are ready to play.
How to register a 918Kiss account in Malaysia?
Simplycontactus via live chat. An account will be provided to you by our 24/7 dedicated customer service in no time.
How to register a 918Kiss account in Singapore?
Simply sign up with us by clickinghere.
What platform does 918Kiss support?
  • Only Android apk is supported currently.
  • iOS platform is not supported at this moment due to the ongoing certification process.
Where can I download 918Kiss mobile application?
You can always download the latest 918Kiss app on our site as the links are maintained and updated regularly. Head over todownloadsection now.
Is 918Kiss hack available?
No, and it will never exist. Why? Firstly, 918Kiss is using a true random number generator. Secondly, the backbone of 918Kiss is secured not only by dedicated firewall, but together with dedicated tamper-proof HSM (hardware security module) used for encryption/decryption on every bet request/response. With this rigid configuration, any suspicious activity that tries to hack the 918Kiss will be eliminated immediately.
Is 918Kiss test play available?
Sure, there are official test accounts available for new players to play before investing on real money. Simply install thelatest 918Kiss appand use the following credentials to sign in.

Username: test1 - test9999, Password: 1234

Any tip on safe gambling at 918Kiss?
Yes, we recommend and emphasize on safe gambling, which is a way of gambling that won't create financial burden to you and your family. With these precautions taken, gambling can act as a fun entertainment, stress-reliever and distractor from the hustle and bustle of life. The tips for responsible gambling are as below.
  1. Don't think of gambling as a way to make money
  2. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose
  3. Set a money limit in advance
  4. Set a time limit in advance
  5. Never chase your losses
  6. Don't gamble when you're depressed or upset
  7. Balance gambling with other activities
  8. Take frequent breaks
  9. Don't drink or use drugs when gambling
  10. Avoid "good luck" strategies – they don't increase your chances of winning
What interesting games are offered in the 918Kiss online game casino?
  • Slots:AfricanWildlife, Aladdin, Alice, Amazon (2-3-2), ANightOut, Aztec, BigShot, BonusBears, Boxing, BoyKing, Captain, CherryLove, Circus, Cleopatra, CookiePop, CoyoteCash, Crystal, DolphinReef, Dragon, DragonGold, DragonMaiden, Easter, EmperorGate, FairyGarden, Fame, Fashion, FengShen, FiveDragon, FootballCarnival, Fortune, FortunePanda, Fruit, Garden, Girls, GodOfWealth, GoldenLotus, GoldenSlut, GoldenTour, GoldenTree, GreatBlue, GreatStars, GreenLight, HalloweenFortune, HalloweenParty, Highway, Iceland, India, IrishLuck, Japan, JinQianWa (金钱蛙), Kimochi, Laura, MagicalSpin, MoneyFever, Motorcycle, NianNianYouYu (年年有余), OceanParadise, Orient, Panda, PanJinLian (潘金莲), PantherMoon, PayDirt, Pirate, PirateShip, Prosperity, Rally, RanchStory, RobinHood, SafariHeat, Samurai, SeaCaptain, SeasonsGreetings, SeaWorld, ShiningStars, Silver, Sparta, Spartan, SteamTower, StoneAge, SunWukong, T-Rex, TallyHo, Thai, TheDiscovery, ThreeKingdoms, TopGun, TreasureIsland, Twister, Victory, WaterMargin, Wealth, WesternRanch, WildFox, WolfHunters, WongChoy, ZhaoCaiJinBao (招财进宝)
  • Unique Slots:AppleMachine, BattleWorld, ForestDance, MonkeyStoryPlus, Phoneix, Pokemon, RacingCar, Shark
  • Classic Slots:8BallSlots, Crazy7, MonkeySlots, ReelClassic
  • Fishing Games:DaShengNaoHai (大圣闹海), FishingStar, LiKuiPiYu (李逵辟鱼), OceanKing
  • Table Games:Baccarat, Belangkai, Blackjack, CasinoWar, DragonTiger (龙虎), Hold'Em, HuluCock, PokerThree, Roulette, Roulette12, Roulette24, Roulette73, Sicbo (骰宝), TheBull (牛牛)
  • Derby Games:KingDerby, Motorbike
  • Misc Games:SinglePick, Thunderbolt
Screenshots of Newly Added Slots
Dragon Maiden
Steam Tower
Wolf Hunters
What is SCR888? Any connection between 918Kiss and SCR888?
The famous online game casino has changed its name from SCR888 to 918Kiss back in a few years. In short, 918Kiss is the successor of SCR888. Although you might still find the name of SCR888 used in some sites.
Is there any official 918Kiss agent, aka 918Kiss HQ?
No, the online game developer, 918Kiss focuses solely on providing genuine and good quality game content. So, it is important to choose a reliable game agent like us.
How to identify official 918Kiss kiosk url?
If you are an agent, it is important to know how to differentiate an official 918Kiss kiosk url to prevent from being tricked by phishing websites. An official 918Kiss kiosk url always ends with *.918kiss.com, eg. aa11.918kiss.com.
Is 918Kiss reliable? How often does it under maintainence?
Yes, Kiss918 is very reliable. All its backend servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a very high percent of uptime which is 99%. It has an average downtime of 3.65 days and 14 minutes per year and day respestively. The main activity of downtime is to perform preventive maintenance, with a duration of no more than 6 hours each.

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